Our story

The year is 2015… You're aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and something catches your eye… Was that a perfectly formed California roll? A platter of beautiful nigiri!? A selection of delicately prepared sashimi with soy and wasabi on the side?!?! You think, wouldn’t it be great to have this all in once place…

Welcome to Sushimode

Sushimode started in 2015 as a small Instagram account for collating, sharing and promoting the best, most exciting and sometimes questionable sushi content. We knew we’d find our people in you!

8 years on and over 150,000 followers later we’re still promoting that same content but with a fresh splash of soy sauce and fiery wasabi… We figured what better way to love sushi even more but to wear it as well as eat it!

Our new venture looks to keep bringing you fresh, fun and exciting ways to express your love of sushi.

We aren’t sure where the next part of our story goes, but we hope you’ll be a part of it!